Hey folks.

It's me, Grandpa, from the internet.

Remember the old internet?

Y'know! Before social media? It's kinda hard to! It was a pretty long time ago now! But it doesn't have to be!

This past year I finally got fed up with the whole mess of it. Unsavory sorts, nerds in labcoats min-maxing your dopamine/serotonin hits, fascist billionaire geeks runnin' things into the ground. Good riddance to all of it!

So what'cha got?

Buddy, I've got three links up above there, and that's all you or I or anyone really needs.

Link to Me!

Wanna send folks my way? Well heck, that'd be awful kind of ya. Here's two little baby banners, in two stylish flavors, for you to use.

B&W Banner Banner in Glorious Technicolor (not actually Technicolor, please don't sue)

Oh yeah, and a few of us are doing a webring.

You should check out their sites, too, they're some rad folks.